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James Bond Movie - From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love Poster


Release Date (UK)October 10th, 1963
Release Date (US)April 8th, 1964
DirectorTerence Young
Film Number2 of 25
Running Time115 Minutes
Previous FilmDr. No
Next FilmGoldfinger


Tatiana RomanovaDaniela Bianchi
Kerim BeyPedro Armendariz
Rosa KlebbLotte Lenya
Red GrantRobert Shaw
Sylvia TrenchEunice Gayson
VavraFrancis De Wolff
KronsteenVladek Sheybal
MorenzyWalter Gotell
VidaAliza Gur
ZoraMartine Beswick
KrilencuFred Haggerty
BenzPeter Bayliss


James BondSean Connery
MBernard Lee
QDesmond Llewelyn
Miss MoneypennyLois Maxwell


Kronsteen, the head planner of SPECTRE, and a chess Grandmaster, devises a plan to steal the Lektor decoding machine from the Russians, while at the same time humiliating the British Secret Service and killing James Bond. He decides to use a beautiful girl to lure Bond into a trap.

Head of Executions, Rosa Klebb, is chosen to put the plan into action. She choses Tatiana Romanova, a Russian Cypher Clerk who works in the Soviet Consulate in Istanbul, and has access to the Lektor. Klebb fools her into thinking that she is working for the motherland, while Klebb has in fact just unknowingly defected from SMERSH.

Back in London, Bond is briefed by M, who has received a letter from Tatiana. She had offered the Lektor to Bond in exchange for his assistance in helping her defect to England. MI6 want to get there hands on the Lektor, so Bond is sent to Istanbul to meet Head of Station Kerim Bey.

Kerim's office is bombed the next day, so Bond goes with him to spy on the Soviet Consulate. Kerim realizes that the ruthless killer Krilencu is back in town, and takes Bond to a gypsy camp in the outskirts of town to stay out of danger. The camp is then attacked by Krilencu and the two track him down and assassinate him.

Bond returns to his hotel and finds Tatiana waiting in a bed for him. They arrange for the Tatiana to make a map of the Consulate, which is later confirmed by Kerim, who obtains the government plans. They steal the Lektor the next day and flee on the Orient Express, as insisted on by Tatiana.

They board the train OK, but at Belgrade station Red Grant, a SPECTRE killer, kills an MI6 agent and boards the train taking his identity. He meets with Bond, and drugs Tatiana over dinner. They go back to the compartment and Grant reveals his plan to kill Bond and steal the Lektor. Thanks to an Attache Case gadget from Q, Bond manages to turn the tables and kills Grant, taking his escape route with Tatiana to the local docks.

The two escape death by a SPECTRE helicopter, and then go out to sea to drive back to England. They are intercepted again by SPECTRE boats, but manage to blow them out of the water and sail away. Back in England, Bond is almost killed by Klebb who is disguised as a maid. Releasing she has been betrayed, Tatiana shoots Klebb and goes on a gondola ride with Bond as the camera zooms out of action.


Tatiana Romanova

Dr. No had exploded in the UK, and work on From Russia with Love had already begun by the time Dr. No reached cinemas in America. United Artists doubled the budget, as even if the film flopped, the profits from Dr. No would more than cover it. The producers were left with an enourmous challenge, they not only had match the brilliance of Dr. No, they had to surpass it. One of the first major tasks was finding an actress to play the Russian beauty Tatiana Romanova.

They interviewed over 200 actresses, and even enlisted the help of reporter Donald Zec, letting him sit in on the sessions. They failed to find anyone beautiful and elegant enough to play the part, and in February 1963, they sent out a press release looking for a 'voluptuous, young Gretta Garbo.' They eventually found Italian model Daniela Bianchi, and what a good choice they made.


In the credits of From Russia with Love Blofeld was credited with a question mark. Although little known at the time, it is now common knowledge between most 007 fans, that Blofeld was played by Anthony Dawson, who had played Professor Dent in Dr. No. He was voiced by Eric Pohlmann though, as Anthony's voice couldn't be use for obvious reasons.


From Russia with Love was the first film in which composer John Barry was listed as the primary composer, even though he had also composed most of the music for Dr. No. The main theme was composed by Lionel Bart, who is best known for being the Author, Lyricist and Composer for the musical Oliver!, and was sung by Matt Monro.

With the all controversy over the authorship of the James Bond Theme, John Barry decided to write a new one for From Russia with Love. It has since become known as the '007 Theme', and is thought of as a secondary James Bond theme, as it has been used in many Bond movies, notably From Russia with Love, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds are Forever and Moonraker.

John Barry's Stalking track was used again in The Spy Who Loved Me, who's soundtrack was composed by Marvin Hamlisch, not Barry. The soundtrack for From Russia with Love was released on May 27, 1964, just after the US release of the film.

Track #SongAuthor
1Opening Titles/James Bond ThemeJohn Barry
2Tania Meets KlebbJohn Barry
3Meeting in St. SophiaJohn Barry
4The Golden HornJohn Barry
5Girl TroubleJohn Barry
6Bond Meets TaniaJohn Barry
7007John Barry
8Gypsy CampJohn Barry
9Death of GrantJohn Barry
10From Russia with LoveLionel Bart (composer), Matt Monro (singer)
11Spectre IslandJohn Barry
12Guitar LamentJohn Barry
13Man Overboard/SMERSH in ActionJohn Barry
14James Bond with BongosJohn Barry
15StalkingJohn Barry
16Leila DancesJohn Barry
17Death of KerimJohn Barry
18007 Takes the LektorJohn Barry


Every movie has a few interesting and sometimes funny mistakes, but most lists of movie goofs are full of duplicates, and pick apart the tiniest details, like a speck of dandruff disappearing between shots! Here we try to list the best of the bunch, short and sweet.


Box Office

Opened in # TheatresUnknown
Production Budget$2 Million (~$17.2M with inflation)
Worldwide Gross$78.9 Million (~$547.8M with inflation)


DirectorTerence Young
EditorPeter Hunt
ProducersAlbert R. "Cubby" Broccoli
Harry Saltzman
WritersIan Fleming (Original Novel)
Richard Maibaum (Screenplay)
Johanna Harwood (Adaptiony)
MusiciansJohn Barry
Production DesignerKen Adam


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