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James Bond 007

Learn about the James Bond lifestyle and explore the rich history of 007: the exotic Bond girls, the devious villains, the fast cars and the 25 films that make up the 50 year old franchise.

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James Bond Cars

List of All James Bond Cars

The complete list of all James Bond cars from the humble Sunbeam Alpine in Dr. No through to the beautiful Aston Martin DB5 in Skyfall, learn about all the iconic Bond cars in one place.

Bond Girls

List of All James Bond Girls

The complete list of all James Bond girls from Honey Ryder in Dr. No through to Sévérine in Skyfall, learn about all the iconic Bond girls in one place.

Bond Villains

Top 10 James Bond Villains

Our list of the Top 10 Bond villains and henchmen from the iconic Oddjob to the larger than life Jaws, to the menacing Le Chiffre. Sorry, no Dr. Evil.

James Bond Movies

List of All James Bond Movies

The complete list of official James Bond films, Beginning with Sean Connery, and going through George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

James Bond Actors

Who Played James Bond: A Complete History

A complete history of all the actors who have played James Bond in film, radio and TV. From Barry Nelson through Sean Connery and all the way to Daniel Craig!

Close Shaves

James Bond's Top 10 Closest Shaves

Our list of Bond's Top 10 most memorable and tense close shaves, where he narrowly escaped near certain death against explosions, fire, crocodiles and lasers.

James Bond News

The Drink's Vodka, Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere Vodka, the premium vodka for those who know the difference, is now the official vodka brand of James Bond and the upcoming film Spectre. In an exclusive gentleman's club in Knightsbridge, London, President of Belvedere Vodka, Charles Gibb, and Head of Mixology, Claire Smith, discussed the partnership and talked about the evolution of the martini and its relationship with James Bond.

Before James Bond gave the martini its glamorous reputation, most were made with gin and stirred. Bond's influence on popular culture created a shift toward the vodka martini, shaken not stirred. Belvedere President, Charles Gibb, said "James Bond is recognized as the most admired and influential tastemaker in the world. We're delighted that Belvedere will be partnering with SPECTRE, our largest global partnership to date."

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Interview with Skyfall Comic Artist Josh Edelglass

Skyfall Comic

Today we have an interview with comic writer and artist Josh Edelglass, who recently published a hilarious series of comics parodying Skyfall and James Bond. The series was part of his project Motion Pictures Comics, which Josh aptly describes as "A boy and his robot mysteriously gain the power to jump in and out of movies. Hilarity ensues."

Q: Tell us a bit more about Motion Picture Comics. How did you come up with the idea of having a man and his robot morph in and out of various films, making fun of them as they go?

Motion Pictures has had a lot of permutations. Back when I was in college, I drew a daily political cartoon for the school paper. After I graduated, I started contacting syndicates. I didn't have much luck with the political cartoon, but I got a few nice responses from people who said if I ever came up with any new ideas, I should try them again. OK, great, all I needed was a new idea!

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Book Review: James Bond 50 Years of Movie Posters

James Bond 50 Years of Movie Posters

The 50th anniversary of James Bond has brought forward a wealth of new publications. While some focus exclusively on Skyfall, many have taken the opportunity to give a deep retrospective on the entire series. One such book, James Bond: 50 Years of Movie Posters, was published on September 3rd by DK, who were kind enough to send a copy for review.

50 Years is ordered chronologically, with a chapter covering each film from Dr. No through to Skyfall. It is also very text light, with 90% of the space being pure posters. Each film gets an introduction and each poster has a short comment or piece of trivia. Other than that, it is posters galore.

A lot of time and effort has been spent on the layout, which minimizes wasted space. High resolution portrait posters typically get a full page to themselves. Landscape posters on the other hand are either two-page spreads, two to a page, or mixed together with smaller lobby cards and odd shaped foreign posters...

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Skyfall Full Theatrical Trailer

Skyfall Poster

A full 2 minute trailer has been released for Skyfall, the final version before the film's opening day on October 26th. The trailer contains segments from earlier teaser trailers, but also includes some new, previously unseen footage.

Skyfall, directed by Bond newcomer Sam Mendes, will feature Spanish actor Javier Bardem as villain Raoul Silva, an ex-MI6 agent who is seeking revenge against the service. The star-studded cast also includes Ralph Fiennes as Mallory, Naomie Harris as Eve, Albert Finney as Kincade, and Bérénice Marlohe as Sévérine.

With early critical praise, it has been speculated that Skyfall may be the first 007 film to bring in over $1 billion at the box office...

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Press Reviews for Previews of Skyfall

Bond at the National Gallery in Skyfall

The press reviews for Skyfall are in, and the results are glowing. The exclusive media preview was held yesterday, Friday 12th October, by EON Productions, and garnered over 1600 reporters.

The Independent says that director Sam Mendes has "...gone back to basics: chases, stunts, fights. At the same time, he has subtly re-invented the franchise, throwing in far greater depth of characterization than we're accustomed". After mentioning the disappointment of Quantum of Solace, they go on to say that Skyfall is "...certainly one of the best Bonds in recent memory", and end with "At the age of 50, there is no sign at all that Bond is finished yet."

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