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From Russia with Love - Attache case

From russia with love: Attache Case

In the 1963 movie From Russia with Love, Q issues Bond with an attache case full of gadgets. The original concept was taken from the novel of the same name (Ian Fleming, 1957) although it has some additions. See the description of the attache case from the book.


From russia with love: Attache Case Ammunition

40 Rounds of ammunition are concealed in two tubes disguised as metal studs on the bottom of the case. To access the ammunition, simply twist the stud, pull out the tube it conceals, and twist of the cap.

Flat Throwing Knife

From russia with love: Attache case flat throwing knife

A flat throwing knife is concealed in the side of the case and is released by pressing a button under the clasp.

AR7 Folding Snipers Rifle

From Russia with love: Attache Case AR7 folding Snipers Rifle

The AR7 is a rifle that disassembles and stores compactly. The barrel and scope slide into the stock of the gun. The scope has an infrared lens, so Bond can see in the dark.

Gold Sovereigns

From Russia with love: Attache Case Gold Sovereigns

In the back of the case, there are 50 gold sovereigns. There are 25 hidden in each side of the strap that connects the base to the lid of the case.

Tear Gas Cartridge

From Russia with love: Attache Case Tear Gas

A tear gas cartridge disguised as a tin of talcum powder is held in place inside the case by a magnet. When opening the case, the catches must be turned, otherwise the gas cartridge will explode.

The Attache Case from the Book From Russia with Love

The Attache case featured in From Russia with Love differs from the version in Ian Fleming's novel. The following is a list of gadgets that were featured in the novel.

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