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James Bond News - Page 4

James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 is Back

Aston Martin DB5 Skyfall

Daniel Craig was spotted last night behind the wheel of James Bond's most famous car, the Aston Martin DB5. The filming took place near Childers Street in London, around the loading docks of an industrial estate, which will show up in scene 134 of Skyfall. Judi Dench was also spotted on set

The Aston Martin first appeared in Ian Flemings novel Goldfinger, however it was a Aston Martin DB Mark III. When the film came out, the newer DB5 model was an obvious choice, and the...

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Daniel Craig Discusses Skyfall and Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig Skyfall

Dave Calhoun of Time Out London recently had a great interview with Daniel Craig. They discussed, among other things, the involvement of Skyfall director Sam Mendes, Craig's Tom Ford suits, his beginnings in film, and his increasing involvements in the scripts and behind the scenes aspects of James Bond.

The writing strikes of 2007-2008 caused problems with Quantum of Solace, and Daniel Craig and director Marc Forster ended up rewriting some of the scenes, because of a loophole in the rules about hiring writers...

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James Bond's New Watch to be Omega Planet Ocean

Omega Planet Ocean Skyfall

Rumorfix reports that a Swiss watchmaker was flown in to London to visit the Skyfall set, to match the face of James Bond's watch to the color of Daniel Craig's eyes.

Supposedly the designer was flown back in a few days later, to take the watch back and make it a few ounces later, so that it will be less distracting during filming. The model of the watch is rumored to be an Omega Titanium Planet Ocean...

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Skyfall Filming at Four Seasons Hotel

Daniel Craig swimming for Skyfall

We reported last week that some scenes of Skyfall were to be shot at The Four Seasons Hotel in Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London. Filming notices were put up yesterday, and the spa was closed to hotel guests while filming.

Some of the windows were blacked out, but someone managed to snap some pictures of Daniel Craig swimming in the rooftop pool at the hotel. A picture of a glamorous bar full of martini glasses was...

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Daniel Craig's James Bond Would Have Killed Roger Moore

Roger Moore

In a recent interview with Zap2it, Roger Moore discussed Daniel Craig's performance as James Bond, saying that he remains a big fan of the series. Roger, who played James Bond seven times over a twelve year period, said he would "have been dead after the first movie" if he had played it as intensely as Daniel Craig.

"He's a beautiful actor and a nice guy, and his gymnastics are quite extraordinary", Roger added. "When I read that he was going to do it right at the beginning, I thought, 'This is going to be interesting.' I had just seen him in Munich and a couple of films before that, and I thought Casino Royale was absolutely superb...

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Stromberg's Spider-Shaped Floating Island a Reality

Project Utopia

Stromberg's floating island/hideout from The Spy Who Loved Me has just become a reality. Project Utopia, the latest creation from Yacht Island Designs, features an 11 deck spider-shaped floating luxary home. It has the equivilent floorspace of a cruise liner, and can travel at 16 knots.

Gizmag reports that Project Utopia has more in common with an oil rig than it does with a yacht, and in the word's of the consultancy, "breaks the traditional..

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Naomie Harris Discusses Her Role as Eve in Skyfall

Naomie Harris

Just an hour ago, the Australian newspaper Adelaide Now posted an Interview with Skyfall Bond girl Naomie Harris, about her upcoming role as Eve. Naomie was very enthusiastic about the role: "Eve kicks ass. I'm loving it at the moment. I am such a pacifist, I never thought I would enjoy firing guns but, in the safety of the gun range and at a target board, it's so much fun."

Although she has starred in some high profile films, including Miami Vice, Pirates of the Caribbean and 28 Days Later, Naomie still lives a relatively anonymous life, and can walk freely around London without being recognized too often...

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3 Days of Shooting on the Skyfall Set


Released via the official 007 twitter feed, the following images show the start of shooting on several Skyfall sets, a different set for each day. The first, bottom right in the full article, was taken at 8.45am on November 7th: "'Action!' was called for the first time on the 23rd James Bond movie, Skyfall. We are officially go!". The scene seems to be set in a dirty bathroom, perhaps reminiscent of the opening sequence in Casino Royale.

The second image, middle right in the full article, was taken during a night shoot on day 10 of filming. It features a desk in what looks to be a warehouse or industrial building. The scene will be set shortly after the bathroom scene in the timeline of the film, and the...

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Ben Whisham to Play Q in Skyfall

Ben Whisham

Ben Whisham's agent has confirmed the rumors of the past few weeks, he will be cast as Q, reviving the role of James Bond's gadet master in Skyfall. This will mark the first time that the actor playing Q is younger than the actor playing James Bond, as Whisham, 31, is 12 years younger than Daniel Craig.

The character Major Boothroyd, Q's real name, appeared in the first Bond film Dr. No, advising Bond on his choice of weapons. Q was reintroduced in the next film, From Russia With Love, as the gadget master played by Desmond Llewelyn, who came back to the role for almost every Bond film until his death. Desmond played Q a total of 17 times, and was a hallmark of the early series...

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James Bond May Return to Canary Wharf for Skyfall

James Bond Canary Wharf

According to the newspaper The Wharf, the James Bond production team will be returning to the Canary Wharf to shoot some scenes for the upcoming film Skyfall, in the next few weeks. "The Wharf can exclusively reveal that some scenes will be shot at The Four Seasons Hotel in Westferry Circus."

Both the hotel and EON Productions refused to comment. However an EON spokesperson said "We would not usually say which locations we are using anyway". John Logan, Skyfall's screenwriter, stated that the new film would only have stunt sequences that were...

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