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3 Days of Shooting on the Skyfall Set

Posted November 26th, 2011

Skyfall on set
Skyfall on set

Released via the official 007 twitter feed, the following images show the start of shooting on several Skyfall sets, a different set for each day. The first, bottom right, was taken at 8.45am on November 7th: "'Action!' was called for the first time on the 23rd James Bond movie, Skyfall. We are officially go!". The scene seems to be set in a dirty bathroom, perhaps reminiscent of the opening sequence in Casino Royale.

The second image, middle right, was taken during a night shoot on day 10 of filming. It features a desk in what looks to be a warehouse or industrial building. The scene will be set shortly after the bathroom scene in the timeline of the film, and the G in the '53G' scene number denotes that the scene will have many variations.

The latest image, top right, posted yesterday, reveals a neon sign with Chinese lettering in the background. While this is just a set at Pinewood Studios, Shanghai has been confirmed as a location for later filming. There are a few other things going on in the background, but it's hard to tell what they are at this time.

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