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James Bond Quotes - Dr. No

Dr. No Italian Poster


Release Date (UK)October 5th, 1962
Release Date (US)May 8th, 1963
DirectorTerence Young
Film Number1 of 25
Running Time110 Minutes
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Bond:I admire your courage, Miss...?
Sylvia Trench:Trench. Sylvia Trench. I admire your luck, Mr..?
Bond:Bond. James Bond

Bond:Don't worry. I'm not supposed to be here either.
Honey Ryder:Are you looking for shells too?
Bond:No, I'm just looking

Bond:Good evening, Sir.
M:It happens to be 3 a.m. When do you sleep 007?
Bond:Never on the firm's time, Sir.

[Bond arrives at Government House with Mr. Jones dead in the backseat]
Bond:sergeant, make sure he doesn't get away.

Bond:Both hands on the wheel Mr. Jones, I'm a very nervous passenger.

Bond:That's a Smith & Wesson, and you've had your six.

Dr. No:That's a Dom Perignon '55, it would be a pity to break it.
Bond:I prefer the '53 myself.

Moneypenny:James! Where have you been? I've been searching all over London for you.
Moneypenny:[To M] 007 is here, sir.
[She slaps Bond's hands away from her desk]
Bond:Moneypenny! What gives?
Moneypenny:Me, given an ounce of encouragement. You've never taken me to dinner looking like this. You've never taken me to dinner...
Bond:I would, you know. Only M would have me court-marshaled for illegal use of government property.
Moneypenny:Flattery will get you nowhere. But don't stop trying.

Dr. No:East, West, just points of the compass, each as stupid as the other.

Bond:Now don't worry Quarrel. Everything's going to be fine.
Quarrel:You say so, Captain. Bottom part of where my belly used to be tells me different.
Bond:For me, Crab Key's going to be a gentle relaxation.
Felix Leiter:From what? Dames?
Bond:No, from being a clay pigeon.

Dr. No:The Americans are fools. I offered my services, they refused. So did the East. Now they can both pay for their mistake
Bond:World domination, the same old dream. Our asylums are full of people who think they're Napoleon. Or god.

Dr. No:One million dollars, Mr. Bond. You were wondering what it cost
Bond:As a matter of fact, I was.

[As a hearse flies over a cliff and explodes]
Man:What happened?
Bond:I think they were on their way to a funeral.

Bond:Tell me Miss Trench, do you play any other games?

Dr. No:I'm a member of SPECTRE.
Dr. No:SPECTRE: Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, Extortion. The four great cornerstones of power headed by the greatest brains in the world.
Bond:Correction: Criminal brains!
Dr. No:The successful criminal brain is always superior. It has to be.

Strangways:That's it. Hundred honours and ninety below.
Prof. Dent:Nicely done, Strangways. I have to give it to you.
Strangways:I must leave you for a few minutes. Order a round on my chit, will you Professor.
Prof. Dent:Right.
Potter:Damn it all! Must you break off at this time every evening?
Strangways:Sorry General. My managing director is a creature of habit. There's a call booked through to me every day about this time.

Boothroyd:[referring to Bond's Beretta] Nice and light.. in a lady's handbag.
M:Any comment 007?
Bond:I disagree, sir. I've carried the Beretta for ten years, and I've never missed with it.
M:No, but it jammed on your last job, and you spend six months in hospital in consequence. When you carry a 00 number, you have a license to kill, not get killed.

Sylvia Trench:When did you say you had to leave?
Bond:Immediately... almost immediately.

Honey Ryder:I put a black widow spider underneath his mosquito net, a female, they're the worst. It took him a whole week to die.
Honey Ryder:Did I do wrong?
Bond:Well, it wouldn't do to make a habit of it.

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