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James Bond Quotes - From Russia With Love

From Russia with Love Hand Drawn Poster


Release Date (UK)October 10th, 1963
Release Date (US)April 8th, 1964
DirectorTerence Young
Film Number2 of 24
Running Time115 Minutes
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Kerim Bey:Ah, the old game. Give a wolf a taste and then leave him hungry. My friend, she's got you dangling.

[to Red Grant, after he kills an agent in training]
Morenzy:Exactly one minute, fifty-two seconds. That's excellent.

Kerim Bey:All of my key employees are my sons. Blood is the best security in this business.

[after causing a SPECTRE helicopter to explode]
Bond:I'd say one of their aircraft is missing.

Tatiana:The mechanism is... Oh James, James, will you make love to me all the time in England?
Bond:Day and night. Go on about the mechanism.

Bond:Suppose when she meets me in the flesh, I.. I don't come up to expectations?
M:Just see that you do.

Bond:You're one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen.
Tatiana:Thank you.. but, I think my mouth is too big.
Bond:No, it's the right size. For me, that is.

Blofeld:Bond is still alive and the Lektor is not yet in our possession. I've negotiated with the Russians for its return, we've agreed on a price. And SPECTRE always delivers what it promises. Our entire organization survives upon the keeping of those promises.
Blofeld:[to Rosa Klebb] I warned you, we do not tolerate failure, Number 3. You know the penalty.
Rosa Klebb:Yes, Number 1.
Blofeld:Our rules are very simple. If you fail...
[Morenzy kills Kronsteen with a poisoned blade]
Blofeld:Twelve seconds. One of these days we must invent a faster working venom.

Rosa Klebb:Training is useful, but there is no substitute for experience.
Morenzy:I agree. We use live targets as well.

Bond:Pardon me, do you have a match?
Chauffeur:I use a lighter.
Bond:Better still.
Chauffeur:Until they go wrong.

Bond:How about a cigarette
Red Grant:Not a chance.
Bond:I'll pay for it.
Red Grant:What with?
Bond:Fifty gold sovereigns.

Bond:Red wine with fish. Well, that should have told me something.
Red Grant:You may know the right wines, but you're the one on your knees.

Red Grant:The first one won't kill you. Not the second, not even the third. Not till you crawl over here and kiss my foot.

Bond:How can a friend be in debt?

Blofeld:Three men were found dead on the Orient Express train at Trieste. One of them was Grant. What have you to say about that Number 5?
Kronsteen:It was Klebb's choice, her people failed.
Rosa Klebb:It was your plan, they followed implicitly.
Kronsteen:Impossible, it was perfect.
Rosa Klebb:Except for one thing, they were dealing with Bond.
Kronsteen:Who is Bond, compared with Kronsteen?

Rosa Klebb:Corporal, I have chosen you for an important assignment. Its purpose is to give false information to the enemy. If you complete it successfully, you will be promoted. From now on, you will do anything he [Bond] says.
Tatiana:And if I refuse?
Rosa Klebb:Then you will not leave this room alive!
Tatiana:I will obey your orders.
Rosa Klebb:Good. These are your instructions. You'll report to me here. But the Consulate security man must not know that I am in Istanbul. This is classified far above his level.
Tatiana:I will say nothing to..
Rosa Klebb:If you do you will be shot! Come, come, my dear. You are very fortunate to have been chosen for such a simple, delightful duty. A real.. labour of love, as they say.

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