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1. Top 10 James Bond Movies

Top 10 James Bond MoviesMany people have their own views on who the best James Bond actor is and what the best movies are, and there are many articles written on the subject. Well, here's my take on the matter, my list of the Top 10 James Bond Movies.

2. List of All James Bond Movies

List of All James Bond MoviesThe complete list of official James Bond films, made by EON Productions. Beginning with Sean Connery, and going through George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. Have you ever wondered how many James Bond movies there are?

3. Everything You Need to Know About Spectre (Bond 24)

Everything You Need to Know About Spectre (Bond 24)Everything you need to know about Spectre, the upcoming James Bond film, also known as Bond 24. Spectre will be released worldwide on November 6th, 2015. Learn about the title, poster, bond girls, cars and cast.

4. List of Unofficial James Bond Movies

List of Unofficial James Bond MoviesThe complete list of unofficial James Bond films, lesser known than the 23 official films made by EON Productions. Includes multiple adaptions of Casino Royale, and a remake of Thunderball titled Never Say Never Again.

5. James Bond Actor - Guy Doleman

James Bond Actor - Guy DolemanGuy Doleman was a successful character actor who appeared in many British and American tv shows and movies including the 1965 James Bond movie Thunderball, playing SPECTRE agent Count Lippe

6. Top 10 James Bond Villains

Top 10 James Bond VillainsWith over twenty movies released through five decades, the James Bond series has had more than its fair share of great villains. But which ones really stand out, as true classic characters? Here's my list of the best and most memorable villains in the James Bond Series. Enjoy!

7. James Bond Director - Sam Mendes

James Bond Director - Sam MendesSam Mendes is an English film director and theatre enthusiast, who is best known for directing the 1999 film American Beauty, and the upcoming Bond 23 film, Skyfall. Daniel Craig said of Mendes: We have to do this together, we have exactly the same reference points, we both like the same Bond movies and we both like the same bits in the same Bond movies we like.

8. James Bond Director - John Glen

James Bond Director - John GlenJohn Glen is a British director and editor, who directed 5 James Bond movies including: For Your Eyes Only (1981), Octopussy (1983), A View to a Kill (1985), The Living Daylights (1987) and License to Kill (1989). He was also the editor and 2nd unit director for OHMSS, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.

9. James Bond Character - Vargas

James Bond Character - VargasVargas was a henchmen working for the criminal organization SPECTRE. He was the right hand man of SPECTRE's second in command, Emilio Largo. Vargas dealt with many of Largo's affairs, and tried to kill Bond on numerous occasions. He meets his end when Bond shoots him through the heart with a shark gun.

10. James Bond Character - Rosa Klebb

James Bond Character - Rosa KlebbRosa Klebb was the Head of Operations for SMERSH, however in the movie she defected to SPECTRE. She led a mission to steal a Lektor decoding machine and humiliate the British Secret Service. She choose Tatiana Romanova to lead Bond into Istanbul and choose Red Grant to take the Lektor and kill Bond. Grant failed and Klebb was killed when she tried to take her revenge on Bond.

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