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Press Reviews for Previews of Skyfall

Posted October 13th, 2012

Bond at the National Gallery in Skyfall

The press reviews for Skyfall are in, and the results are glowing. The exclusive media preview was held yesterday, Friday 12th October, by EON Productions, and garnered over 1600 reporters.

The Independent says that director Sam Mendes has "...gone back to basics: chases, stunts, fights. At the same time, he has subtly re-invented the franchise, throwing in far greater depth of characterization than we're accustomed". After mentioning the disappointment of Quantum of Solace, they go on to say that Skyfall is "...certainly one of the best Bonds in recent memory", and end with "At the age of 50, there is no sign at all that Bond is finished yet."

The Mirror states that "Daniel Craig returns for what might just be the best James Bond film ever.", saying that Skyfall is "...enthralling, explosive and often very funny. Skyfall doesn't just exceed expectations but shatters them like a bullet to the head."

The Evening Standard even has glowing reviews for the new Q:

Even for those of us who adored Desmond Llewellyn, everyone's favourite armourer, Ben Wishaw, a tecchie geek, is a joy as Q

Overall, while not everything was up to scratch, they seemed quite satisfied:

The only drawbacks really, are that the girls get next to no good lines, not much in the way of jokes and little in the way of action [..] Other than that, it's Premium Bond.

The London premiere is around the corner on October 23rd, and Skyfall will be officially released in the UK on October 26th.


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