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James Bond Quotes - Goldfinger

Goldfinger Poster


Release Date (UK)September 17th, 1964
Release Date (US)December 22nd, 1964
DirectorGuy Hamilton
Film Number3 of 25
Running Time110 Minutes
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Bond:Do you expect me to talk?
Goldfinger:No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!

Goldfinger:Man has climbed Mount Everest, gone to the bottom of the ocean. He's fired rockets at the Moon, split the atom, achieved miracles in every field of human endeavor... except crime!

[Q is showing Bond his new Aston Martin DB5]
Q:Now this one I'm particularly keen about. You see the gear level here? Now, if you take the top off, you will find a little red button. Whatever you do, don't touch it.
Bond:Why not?
Q:Because you'll release this section of the roof, and engage and then then fire the passenger ejector seat. Whish!
Bond:Ejector seat? You're joking!
Q:I never joke about my work, 007.

Goldfinger:There is nothing you can talk to me about that I don't already know.
Bond:Well, you're forgetting one thing. If I fail to report, 008 replaces me.
Goldfinger:I trust he will be more successful.
Bond:Well, he knows what I know.
Goldfinger:You know nothing, Mr. Bond.
Bond:Operation Grand Slam, for instance.
Goldfinger:Two words you may have overheard, which cannot have the slightest significance to you or anyone in your organization.
Bond:Can you afford to take that chance?
GoldfingerYou are quite right, Mr Bond. You are worth more to me alive.

[after electrocuting a henchman who tried to kill him]
Bond:Shocking. Positively shocking.

Pussy Galore:My name is Pussy Galore
Bond:I must be dreaming.

Reporter:Station WEBS brings you the latest in world news. Washington, at the White House today, the president said that he was entirely satisfied...
Bond:[to Jill Masterson] That makes two of us.

M:You've hardly distinguished yourself, have you? You were supposed to observe Mr. Goldfinger, not borrow his girlfriend.

Bond:My dear girl, there are some things that just aren't done. Such as, drinking Dom Perignon '53 above the temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. That's just as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs.

Q:..reception on the dashboard here. Audio-visual, range a hundred and fifty miles.
Bond:Ingenious, and useful too. Allow a man to stop off for a quick one en route.
Q:It has not been perfected, out of years of patient research, entirely for that purpose, 007. And incidentally, we'd appreciate its return, along with all your other equipment, intact for once, when you return from the field.
Bond:Well, you'd be surprised the amount of wear and tear that goes on out there in the field.

Col. Smithers:Have a little more of this.. rather disappointing brandy.
M:What's the matter with it?
Bond:I'd say it was a thirty year old fine, indifferently blended, sir.. with an overdose of bon-bois.
M:Colonel Smithers is giving the lecture, 007.

Bond:What do you know about gold, Moneypenny.
Moneypenny:Oh, the only gold I know about is the kind you wear. You know, on the third finger of your left hand.
Bond:Well, one of these days we really must look into that.
Moneypenny:How about tonight? You'll come over for dinner.. and I'll cook you a wonderful angel cake.
Bond:Well, nothing would give me greater pleasure. But I'm afraid I have a.. business appointment.
Moneypenny:That's the flimsiest excuse you've ever given me. Oh well, some girls have all the luck. Who is she, James?
M:[over intercom] She is me, Miss Moneypenny. And kindly omit the customary byplay with 007. He's dining with me and I don't want him to be late.
Moneypenny:Then there's hope for me yet.
Bond:Moneypenny, won't you ever believe me?

Bond:What's your name?
Jill Masterson:Jill
Bond:Jill who?
Jill Masterson:Jill Masterson
Bond:Tell me, Jill. Why does he do it?
Jill Masterson:He likes to win.
Bond:Why do you do it?
Jill Masterson:He pays me.
Bond:Is that all he pays you for?
Jill Masterson:And for being seen with him.
Bond:Just seen?
Jill Masterson:Just seen.
Bond:Oh, I'm so glad.

M:Gold? All over?
Bond:She died of skin suffocation. It's been known to happen to cabaret dancers. It's all right as long as you leave a small bare patch at the base of the spine to allow the skin to breathe.

Mei-Lei:Can I do anything for you, Mr. Bond?
Bond:Just a drink. A martini, shaken, not stirred.

Goldfinger:Two holes to go.
Bond:Yes, and all's square.
Goldfinger:Then you have no objection to increasing the stakes?
Bond:No. What did you have in mind?
Goldfinger:Why, the bar of gold you have with you, naturally.
Bond:It's worth five thousand pounds.
Goldfinger:Oh, I'll stake cash equivalent.
Goldfinger:Strict rules of golf?
Bond:But of course.

Pussy Galore:You like a close shave, don't you.

Bond:You're a women of many parts, Pussy.

Hawker:If that's his original ball, I'm Arnold Palmer.
Bond:It isn't.
Hawker:How do you know?
Bond:I'm standing on it

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