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James Bond Movie - A View to a Kill

A View To A Kill Poster


Release Date (UK)June 12th, 1985
Release Date (US)May 22nd, 1985
DirectorJohn Glen
Film Number14 of 25
Running Time131 Minutes
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Next FilmThe Living Daylights

Table of Contents


Max ZorinChristopher Walken
Stacey SuttonTanya Roberts
May DayGrace Jones
Sir Godfrey TibbettPatrick Macnee
Jenny FlexAlison Doody
ScarpinePatrick Bauchau


James BondRoger Moore
Miss MoneypennyLois Maxwell
QDesmond Llewelyn
MRobert Brown


Bond investigates a drugged horse racing scandal, and is led to Max Zorin, an eccentric industrialist who plans to destroy Silicon Valley, so that he can create a monopoly on microchip technologies. The chase leads Bond to the Eiffel Tower, and a Blimp ride that eclipses in a tense climax atop the Golden Gate Bridge.


A View To A Kill Soundtrack
Track #SongAuthor
1A View To A KillDuran Duran
2Snow JobJohn Barry
3May Day JumpsJohn Barry
4Bond Meets StaceyJohn Barry
5Pegasus StableJohn Barry
6Tibbett Gets Washed OutJohn Barry
7Airship To Silicon ValleyJohn Barry
8Hes DangerousJohn Barry
9Bond UnderwaterJohn Barry
10Wine With StaceyJohn Barry
11Bond Escapes RollerJohn Barry
12Destroy Silicon ValleyJohn Barry
13May Day Bombs OutJohn Barry
14Golden Gate FightJohn Barry
15A View To A Kill (End Title)Duran Duran


Box Office

Production Budget$30 Million (~$63.4M with inflation)
Worldwide Gross$152.4 Million (~$321.2M with inflation)


DirectorJohn Glen
EditorPeter Davies
ProducerAlbert R. "Cubby" Broccoli
Michael G. Wilson
Tom Pevsner
WritersIan Fleming (Short story)
Richard Maibaum (Screenplay)
Michael G. Wilson (Screenplay)
MusicJohn Barry


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