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James Bond Movie - The Living Daylights

The Living Daylights Poster


Release Date (UK)June 29th, 1987
Release Date (US)July 31st, 1987
DirectorJohn Glen
Film Number15 of 25
Running Time130 Minutes
Previous FilmA View To A Kill
Next FilmLicense To Kill

Table of Contents


Kara MilovyMaryam d'Abo
Georgi KoskovJeroen Krabbé
Brad WhitakerJoe Don Baker
General PushkinJohn Rhys-Davies
NecrosAndreas Wisniewski
SaundersThomas Wheatley
Kamran ShahArt Malik


James BondTimothy Dalton
Miss MoneypennyCaroline Bliss
QDesmond Llewelyn
MRobert Brown


Bond is assigned to protect Georgi Koskov, an ex-KGB officer who is defecting to the British. Koskov is to escape during the intermission at the Bratislava concert hall, and must be protected from a KGB sniper. Bond sets up across the street, but decides against assassinating the sniper, when he realizes she is an amateur women.


The Living Daylights Soundtrack
Track #SongAuthor
1The Living DaylightsA-Ha
2Necros AttacksJohn Barry
3The Sniper Was a WomenJohn Barry
4Ice ChaseJohn Barry
5Kara Meets BondJohn Barry
6Koskov EscapesJohn Barry
7Where Has Everybody GoneThe Pretenders
8Into ViennaJohn Barry
9Hercules Takes OffJohn Barry
10Mujahadin and OpiumJohn Barry
11Inflight FightJohn Barry
12If There Was a ManThe Pretenders
13Exercise at GibraltarJohn Barry
14Approaching KaraJohn Barry
15Murder at the FairJohn Barry
16AssassinJohn Barry
17Airbase JailbreakJohn Barry
18Afghanistan PlanJohn Barry
19Air BondJohn Barry
20Final ConfrontationJohn Barry
21Alternate End TitlesJohn Barry


Box Office

Production Budget$40 Million (~$79.8M with inflation)
Worldwide Gross$191.2 Million (~$381M with inflation)


DirectorJohn Glen
EditorPeter Davies
John Grover
ProducerAlbert R. "Cubby" Broccoli
Michael G. Wilson
Tom Pevsner
Barbara Broccoli
WritersIan Fleming (Story)
Richard Maibaum (Screenplay)
Michael G. Wilson (Screenplay)
MusicJohn Barry


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