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James Bond Character - Pussy Galore

James Bond Character Pussy Galore


AgeMid 30's
RoleBond Girl


Pussy Galore is one of the more famous James Bond characters, due to her name, and the portrayal by Honor Blackman. Pussy is not only Goldfinger's personal pilot, but also the leader of the group Pussy Galore's Flying Circus, who work as part of Goldfinger's Operation Grandslam

Played byHonor Blackman Appears inGoldfinger (1964)

The Character in the Film

Pussy Galore in Goldfinger
Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore
Pussy Galore's Flying Circus
Pussy Galore and Sean Connery

Pussy Galore first appears as a pilot aboard Goldfinger's private jet. James Bond, unconscious after being shot with a tranquilizer gun, wakes up to see Pussy standing over him. James asks "Who are you?", and in one of the most famous introductions of the Bond series, Pussy replies "My Name is Pussy Galore", to which Bond retorts "I must be dreaming".

Pussy informs him that he is not dead, and that he was merely shot with a tranquilizer gun. She threatens to use it again, suggesting that he instead relax, have a cocktail, and enjoy the flight.

When the plane lands, Pussy escorts Bond to Goldfinger's stud farm, and locks him into a cell. Bond manages to escape, and overhears Goldfinger discussing Operation Grandslam. Pussy catches him and pulls his legs out from under him, putting him back in his cell.

Later on, as Goldfinger is having some mint juleps with Pussy, he notices two men with binoculars spying on the farm. He realizes that they must be friends of Bond, and decides to invite Bond for a drink, so that everything will appear friendly, as if Bond were out of danger. He tells Pussy to bring Bond out of his cell and entertain him.

After a brief drink, Pussy takes Bond into a barn to keep up the pretence. Bond however, tries to seduce her, and Pussy uses Judo to trip Bond. The two engage in an entertaining Judo back and forth, and eventually Bond gets the upper hand, and the two kiss.

Pussy tells Bond that he can turn the charm off, because she is immune, implying that she is a lesbian. However, after the events at the barn, Pussy turns against Goldfinger, and sabotages Operation Grandslam. Instead of knocking out the soldiers at Fort Knox with a deadly nerve gas, she calls the CIA, and arranges for the soldiers to fake being gassed, so that Goldfinger can be baited and captured.

When the plan fails and Goldfinger escapes, he hijacks a plane that James Bond is travelling on, and tries to kill him. Bond manages to get the better of him, and he and Pussy parachute to safety.

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