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James Bond Gadgets - Dr. No Gadgets


Since James Bond exploded onto the silver screen in 1962, his gadgets and tools have become icons, and an immensely popular part of the films. In Dr. No (1962), there weren't any high tech gadgets of the later years, but James Bond still came equipped with several tools and machines. Here we list all the gadgets, gizmos and tools that James Bond, his allies, and the opposition, used in their missions.


James Bond Communication Gadget
James Bond Communication Gadget
James Bond Communication Gadget

Every night at around 6:30, the MI6 representative of Jamaica John Strangways would leave his game of bridge and head out to his bungalow. His secretary Mary Trueblood would be waiting, preparing the communications so that Strangways could signal in his report as soon as he arrived.

She would signal the communications base, saying "W6N calling G7W". W6N being the Jamaican base and G7W being the London base. If the call was interrupted or if Strangways didn't report by the "red call" at 7:30, the communications would be severed permanently, and an emergency alarm raised.

The actual communications equipment used in Jamaica was a K.W. Vanguard high frequency transmitter (shown on the left) and an Eddystone 840/A receiver, located on the right of the Vanguard (shown in the middle image).

James Bond Communication Gadget

At the G7W London base, presumably the global communications base for MI6, they were using Racal RA-117 receivers. When Strangway's secretary was killed, the Jamaica line was cut off and M was alerted of the situation.

Geiger Counters

James Bond Geiger Counter Gadget James Bond Geiger Counter Gadget

Bond had requested a Geiger counter to be shipped to Jamaica, and he had picked it up at Pleydell-Smith's office (the principal secretary of Jamaica). He took it down to the harbour and met with a local fisherman named Quarrel. He scanned the bottom of the boat that had taken the late Strangways to Crab Key Island, confirming that the samples he had brought back had been radioactive.

Later on when Bond had sailed to Crab Key and gotten captured, the guards used both standard and larger, more accurate Geiger counters to make sure he was "clean" before letting him go through to his quarters.

Cyanide Cigarettes

James Bond Cyanide Gadget
James Bond Cyanide Gadget
Cyanide in a cigarette?

When Bond arrived at the airport in Jamaica, an unexpected car came to pick him up. Bond called Pleydell-Smith and confirmed that the car had not been sent by Government House. When Bond's real allies raced after them, the chauffeur, Mr. Jones, lost them. Bond was not tricked however and he put a gun up to him. After a brief fight, Jones agreed to talk, and asked for a cigarette. Unknown to Bond, the cigarettes contained the toxin Cyanide, and Mr. Jones collapsed to the floor, dead within seconds.

Crab Key Guest Quarters

James Bond Door Gadget

In Dr. No's exotic lair, located in the middle of a mountain on Crab Key Island, the luxuries didn't stop at his own apartment. The main guest quarters came with spacious, comfortable rooms with special doors that could only be opened from the outside. A small button located on the door frame (shown in the image on the left) opened and closed the automatic, brass plated doors.

James Bond Door Gadget

When Dr. No realized that Bond wouldn't accept a place at SPECTRE, he moved him down to the "lower" guest quarters. These "lower" quarters were in fact prisons, small rectangular rooms with a bed, a door and an air vent. For added security, and to stop prisoners from escaping through the vent system, the cover was electrified, as shown on the right

Dr. No's Nuclear Powered Control Room

James Bond Control Room

Dr. No used Crab Key for his base of operations in a mission to crash USA test missile launches. He did this using a powerful radio beam powered by a nuclear reactor. On command, a satellite would raise from a disguised tower outside (see right), and send signals to take control of the missiles guidance system.

James Bond Gadget

The nuclear control room was a very complex facility with many monitors and equipment and even more men running them. Bond had managed to infiltrate the facility and overpower the reactor. While everyone escaped, Dr. No came to get Bond, and died in the reactor core because his cold, steel hand could not grip the metal.

Dr. No's Lair  Dr. No's Lair  Dr. No's Lair  Dr. No's Lair  Dr. No's Steel Hands

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