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Scottish Castle Scene in Skyfall May be Shot in Wales

Posted December 12th, 2011

Duntrune Castle

With James Bond seeing a possible return to his Scottish roots in Skyfall, the producers have been scouting locations for a suitable Scottish castle for months. Previously, it looked like they had settled on the Duntrune Castle. Pictured right, the castle is one of the oldest in Scotland, and is located across from Crinan, Argyll in Western Scotland.

However, it now looks like they may be settling for a location in Wales. Robin Malcolm, owner of Duntrune Castle, said that local businesses had been looking forward to a prosperous New Year.

"I think it's Scotland's loss," he said. "I knew they were looking at other venues, and I think they're going to fake it that the Welsh castle is going to be in Scotland."

"The last thing I heard was that they were going to have some shots of somewhere like Rannoch Moor that's pretty desolate and a few mountains -- which Wales can come up with too."

"They haven't lost sight of the thought that they want Bond to be an ex-pat Scot with roots in Scotland, and certainly the initial script was built around that premise and that he was kind of returning to his roots. But time will tell. I'll be interested to see the results."

Although a switch to Wales will be a disappointment for the area around Duntrune, who were expecting to see a boost to their economy, the publicity has already attracted other filmmakers.

Read the full story at the Scotsman.


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