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Daniel Craig's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a Hit

Posted December 14th, 2011

Daniel Craig Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

The premiere for Daniel Craig's new film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was held last night at the Leicester Square Odeon in London. Coincidentally, this is the same location of many of the James Bond premieres, a tradition that will likely be continued for Skyfall next year.

Daniel appeared with costar Rooney Mara, who was wearing an elegant white backless dress, made by Riccardo Tisci, contrasting Daniel's thick black leather jacket. Rooney Mara plays Lisbeth Salander in the film, a computer hacker who becomes deeply involved in a murder investigation after being hired by Craig's character Mikhail Blomkvist.

Dragon Tattoo was directed by David Fincher, known for the classic Brad Pitt/Edward Norton film Fight Club. The $100 million blockbuster is based on the first of a trilogy of novels, and Daniel has the option to reprise the role for the two sequels.

So far it seems to be a hit with the critics, with Boston saying that "Mara and Craig make an indomitable screen pair", adding that "Craig is an anchor of cool rationality and judiciousness around which Mara revolves like a demon.". Boston gave the film a 3 1/2 out of 4 star rating.

The Hollywood Reporter introduces the film as a "Fine American version of the literary sensation that delivers everything except that something extra". The rotten tomatoes rating is currently 92%, higher than the 2009 adaption of the novel. Although not one for the kids, due to the dark subject matter and the 18 certificate, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo looks to be one of the most enticing films currently showing.

Daniel Craig at Leicester Square


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