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Interview with Blood Stone Composer Richard Jacques

Posted November 19th, 2011

Blood Stone Composer Richard Jacques

Mark Morton of the Examiner recently did an interview with video game composer Richard Jacques. Richard has worked on the soundtracks for games including LittleBigPlanet 2, Mass Effect, Alice In Wonderland, and of course the latest James Bond game Blood Stone.

Richards work on Blood Stone earned him a nomination for Best Original Score For a Video Game at the 2011 Hollywood Music In Media Awards. He used a full orchestra for the game, with "60 string players, 27 brass, ethnic percussion and related instruments, live drums, and bass and guitar for the theme. It was a pretty big production; like you would expect in a Bond movie.".

Here are a few teasers from the interview:

Were you aware that you were inadvertently competing with the Goldeneye reboot game?

No, I actually didn't know it was in development at the time. I think the reason they were released so close together is because they were on different platforms --Blood Stone was on Xbox 360 & PS3 and Goldeneye was for the Wii.

Did having the actual actors from the films help inspire your work?

Oh definitely, especially with the cinematic cut scenes. It was quite strange for me to sit here in the studio writing music for a conversation between Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench. It was quite an inspiring process to go through, because I'm normally used to working with various character actors in games, but none who were as big of stars as them. It really put me into the Bond experience; it was great!

Be sure to read the full interview at the Examiner, the questions are well thought out, and it's a very interesting read.


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