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James Bond Quotes - You Only Live Twice

You Only Live Twice Poster


Release Date (UK)June 12th, 1967
Release Date (US)June 13th, 1967
DirectorLewis Gilbert
Film Number5 of 25
Running Time117 Minutes
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Tiger Tanaka:You know what it is about you that fascinates them, don't you? It's the hair on your chest. Japanese men all have beautiful bare skin.
Bond:Japanese proverb say, Bird never make nest in bare tree.

Bond:Well, I'll just settling for this little old lady here.
Tiger Tanaka:Good choice, she's very sexyful.

Aki:I think I will enjoy very much serving under you.

Blofeld:James Bond, allow me to introduce myself. I am Ernst Stavro Blofeld. They told me you were assassinated in Hong Kong.
Bond:Yes, this is my second life.
Blofeld:You only live twice, Mr. Bond

Blofeld:I shall look forward personally to exterminating you, Mr. Bond.

Helga Brandt:I've got you now.
Bond:Well, enjoy yourself.

Bond:Why do Chinese girls taste different from all other girls?
Ling:You think we better, huh?
Bond:No, just different. Like Peking Duck is different from Russian Caviar, but I love them both.
Ling:Darling, I give you very best duck.

Tiger Tanaka:It can save your life, this cigarette.
Bond:You sound like a commercial.

Aki:You wouldn't touch that horrible women would you?
Bond:Oh, heaven forbid.

Moneypenny:Oh, by the way, how was the girl?
Bond:Which girl?
Moneypenny:The one we set you up with in Hong Kong.
Bond:Five more minutes and I would have found out.

Dikko Henderson:[Making Bond a drink] That was stirred, not shaken? I hope I got it right.

Tiger Tanaka:Rule number 1: never do anything yourself, when someone else can do it for you.
Bond:And rule number 2?
Tiger Tanaka:Rule number 2: in Japan, men come first, women come second.
Bond:I just might retire to here.

Bond:Is this the only room there is?
Kissy Suzuki:Yes. That is your bed, I shall sleep over there.
Bond:But we're supposed to be married.
Kissy Suzuki:Think again, please. You gave false name to priest.
Bond:Yes, but we must keep up appearances. We're on our honeymoon.
Kissy Suzuki:No honeymoon. This is business.
Bond:[pushes away oysters] Well, I won't need these.

Blofeld:Only one person we know uses this sort of gun. James Bond.
Mr. Osato:But Bond is dead!
Helga Brandt:It was in all the newspapers.
Blofeld:Rubbish, Bond is alive. Unless you killed him, Mr Osato. Don't tell me you let him go.
Mr. Osato:I have Number 11 the strictest orders to eliminate him.
Blofeld:And did she?
Mr. Osato:She failed.
Helga Brandt:You should have killed him yourself. You had plenty of opportunities.
Blofeld:This organization does not tolerate failures.
Mr. Osato:I know, but do you see I..
Blofeld:[to Mr. Osato] Go!
Blofeld:[to Hega Brandt] Well..
[Helga starts to walks across the bridge, and Blofeld presses a pedal, dropping her into a pit of piranha fish.]
Blofeld:[to Mr. Osato] Kill Bond! Now!

[Bond, disguised as an astronaut, is called to Blofeld's office]
Blofeld:You made a mistake, my friend. No astronaut would enter the capsule carrying his air conditioner.

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