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The Girl Machine James Bond Comic Collection Delayed

Posted April 28th, 2009

The Girl Machine James Bond Comic Collection

The Girl Machine comic book collection that we announced a few months ago, has now been delayed until July 21st, 2009, a month past it's originally planned release date. We're not sure why it's delayed yet, but I suspect it may be for quality reasons, since it hasn't been published since it's original syndication, it can be hard to track down good quality archives to scan.

The stories for the comics were written by Jim Lawrence, who has been on the team for over 30 years. He started doing them in 1966 when he replaced several other authors, working from Ian Fleming originals. If you were to count all the separate stories he has written, you'd find that it is more than any other James Bond author in any field.

All the comics in this edition were drawn by Yaroslav Horak, who took over from John McLusky in 1966. He has drawn over 30 of the Bond comics, and is also widely known for creating The Mask, which was later made into a Jim Carey movie.

The cover art is reportedly not final, although it is consistent with the other volumes, so it is likely to remain as it is.


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