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James Bond Quotes - Quantum Of Solace

Quantum Of Solace Poster


Release Date (UK)October 29th, 2008
Release Date (US)November 14th, 2008
DirectorMarc Forster
Film Number22 of 25
Running Time106 Minutes
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Bond:How much time have I got?
Felix:30 seconds.
Bond:That doesn't give us a lot of time, does it?

Bond:It seems we're both using Greene to get to someone.
Camille:You lost somebody?
Bond:I did.
Camille:You catch who ever did it?
Bond:No, not yet.
Camille:Tell me when you do, I'd like to know how it feels

Dominic Greene:My friends call me Dominic.
Bond:I'm sure they do.

M:When someone says "We've got people everywhere", you expect it to be a hyperbole. Lots of people say that. Florists use that expression! It doesn't mean that they've got somebody working for them inside the bloody room!

Bond:[At a shabby motel] What are we doing?
Strawberry Fields:We're teachers on sabbatical. This fits our cover.
Bond:No it doesn't. I'd rather stay at a morgue. Come on.
Bond:[At a four-star hotel reception] Hello. We're teachers on sabbatical and we've just won the lottery.

M:This is about trust. You said you weren't motivated by revenge.
Bond:I am motivated by my duty.
M:No, I think you're so blinded by inconsolable rage that you don't care who you hurt. When you can't tell your friends from your enemies, it's time to go.

M:Ask him about Slate.
Tanner:She wants to know about Slate.
Bond:Slate was a dead end.
Tanner:He says it was a dead end.
M:Damn it! He killed him.

M:Bond, I need you back.
Bond:I never left.

Dominic Greene:Camille? How nice to see you
Camille:Alive you mean?

M:You killed a man in Brigenz
Bond:I did my best not to
M:You shot him in cold blood and threw him off a roof, I would hardly call that showing restraint.

Mathis:I have pills for everything. Some make your taller... some make you forget.

M:It'd be a pretty cold bastard who didn't want revenge for the death of someone he loved.

M:Who the hell is this organization Bond? How can they be everywhere and we know nothing about them!

Mr. White:[After his associates have fled from the opera] I guess Tosca isn't for everyone.

Camille:So, what's your interest in Greene?
Bond:Among other things, he tried to kill a friend of mine.
Camille:A woman?
Bond:Yes. But it's not what you think.
Camille:Your mother?
Bond:She likes to think so.

Camille:Friend of yours?
Bond:I have no friends.

Felix:You know who Greene is and you want to put us in bed with him?
Gregg Beam:Yeah, you're right. We should just deal with nice people.

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