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James Bond Quotes - Moonraker

Moonraker Poster


Release Date (UK)June 26th, 1979
Release Date (US)June 29th, 1979
DirectorLewis Gilbert
Film Number11 of 25
Running Time126 Minutes
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Sir Gray:My God, what's Bond doing?
Q:I think he's attempting re-entry, sir.

Hugo Drax:Look after Mr. Bond. See that some hard comes to him.

Moneypenny:Why are you so late James?
Bond:I fell out of an airplane without a parachute. Who's in there?
Moneypenny:Q and the Minister of Defense
Bond:You don't believe me, do you?

Moneypenny:James! You look as if you've just fallen off a mountain!
Bond:Well it's funny you should say that...

Hugo Drax:Frederick Gray! What a surprise. And in distinguished company, all wearing gas masks. You must excuse me, gentlemen. Not being English, I sometimes find your sense of humour rather difficult to follow!

Dr. Goodhead:Hang on!
Bond:The thought had occurred to me.

Bond:Bollinger? If it's '69, you were expecting me.

Dr. Goodhead:Come on, Mr. Bond. A seventy year old can take 3 G's.
Bond:Well, the trouble is, there's never a seventy year old around when you need one.

Bond:How.. fast does it go?
Dr. Goodhead:Can go up to 20 Gs. But that would be fatal.

Corinne:The Drax residence: Every stone brought from France. Cute isn't it?
Bond:Magnificent. Why didn't he buy the Eiffel tower as well?
Corinne:He did, but the French government refused him an export permit.

Bond:I'm looking for Dr. Goodhead.
Dr. Goodhead:You just found her.
Bond:A woman?
Dr. Goodhead:Your powers of observation do you credit, Mr. Bond.

Hugo Drax:Mr. Bond, you persist in defying my efforts to provide an amusing death for you.

Hugo Drax:How would have Oscar Wilde have put it? To loose one aircraft would be an accident. To loose two, would seem like carelessness.

Dr. Goodhead:This evening I'm giving my address.
Bond:Then can you think of a reason why we can't go for a drink afterwards?
Dr. Goodhead:Not immediately. But I'm sure I shall.

Dr. Goodhead:You know him?
Bond:Not socially. His name's Jaws, he kills people.

Bond:Moonraker fie, that's the answer. Drax's shuttle is armed with a laser.

Dr. Goodhead:If you're trying to be ingratiating, Mr. Bond, don't bother.

Hugo Drax:You missed, Mr. Bond.
Bond:Did I? As you said, such good sport.

Bond:Oh, I suppose you're right. We would be better off working together. Détente?
Dr. Goodhead:Agreed.
Dr. Goodhead:Possibly.
Dr. Goodhead:Maybe.
Dr. Goodhead:Out of the question

Q:It's activated by nerve impulses from the wrist muscles.
Bond:Like this? [shoots M's painting]
M:Oh, thank-you, 007!
Q:Be careful will you!
Q:Now, there's ten darts: 5 blue-tipped, armour piercing. 5 red-tipped, cyanide coated, causing death in thirty seconds.
Bond:Very novel, Q. Must get them in stores for Christmas.

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