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Car List Revealed for Keswick James Bond Museum

Posted March 31st, 2009

Aston Martin DB5

Following our news the other day about the opening of a new James Bond museum in Kewswick, UK, there has now been a full press release listing the vast array of cars in the collection.

An exciting new museum will open in the Lake District on the 5th of April 2009. The Bond Museum is the brainchild of Peter Nelson who has been collecting James Bond items for 20 years and now has the biggest private collection in the World. The museum will feature several Aston Martin and Lotus cars used in the Bond films along side many other vehicles including the actual Russian T55 main battle tank used in the film GoldenEye, as well as boats , planes and even a Bell Jetranger helicopter.

The 5th of April is also a very special date being the 100th anniversary of the birth of the late Albert R (Cubby) Broccoli. As a tribute to the Bond producer Nelson will unveil a bust on that date at the museum.

Nelson has also collected many of the props from the films, several being donated by many of the actors and crew. One of the iconic items on display will be the original Colibri Golden Gun plus many Q gadgets. However, it is the vehicles, many of which have never been seen by the public which will form the centre piece of the museum.

Nelson also owns the now famous Cars of the Stars Motor Museum in the town, but because the current museum is too small to house his large collection of Bond vehicles it had to have a new purpose built site close by.

"This will be a museum dedicated to the fans of 007," states Nelson, who was a school boy when he first read the books of Ian Fleming and later became a fan himself of the films. "Like many others I have grown up with James Bond and its fantastic that the franchise continues in the very capable hands of the Fleming family, Barbara Broccoli, Michael Wilson and family," says Nelson.

Ask him who is his favourite Bond and he states that each Bond was perfect for that era however his favourite film is Goldfinger, simply because it features the gadget laden DB5 which he states is the greatest car ever made--he should know he has two!

But Nelson has had his problems building such a major attraction, namely the sheer cost of the project. When he required a further extension to his overdraft he sent a very 'tongue in cheek' fax to his bank manager stating that failure to comply with his request would result in demolition of the bank with his tank. When the fax was intercepted by one of the junior staff in the absence of the manager he thought it a serious threat and nearly called the police! However the manager eventually granted the payment without recourse to Nelson's threat!

At one time Nelson thought about selling the entire collection and did approach Christies, but on reflection he felt that it would be a shame to split the collection up since it is one of great historic as well as cultural importance. "Fans of Bond will want to see this collection in it's entirety" Nelson states. And he has ensured that the museum has been completed to a standard that will impress visitors and also help to promote the films and the books. Nelson said that he is re reading Fleming's books and has been so impressed how well written they are. "New Bond books have been written, but you simply can't equal Fleming: he was an outstanding author", says Nelson. Nelson also states that he is a great admirer of the work of Cubby Broccoli who he sites as a genius in his ability in finding and attracting the very best cast and crew for the films. "The most amazing thing is that Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson have been able to carry on Cubby's superb legacy extremely well indeed, which was no mean feat." He is therefore sure that Bond will go on for many years to come.

The museum will be open from the 5th April 10am to 5pm. The unveiling of Nelsons bust of 'Cubby' at 10am on that morning. List of vehicles in the collection:

  • Vanquish Aston Martin from Die Another Day - the actual hero car used by Pierce Brosnan in the film
  • DB5 Uncle/Goldfinger car - The actual gadget laden car used in period Man from Uncle film, driven by James Bond. The original car was stolen.
  • DB5 from GoldenEye - The actual Hero car used by Piece Brosnan
  • Aston Martin V8 - The Living Daylights - The actual car used in the film
  • Aston Martin DBS - On Her Majesty's Secret Service - The actual car used in the film
  • Lotus Esprit S1 from The Spy Who Loved Me - The actual car used in the film
  • The Underwater Submarine from The Spy Who Loved Me - The actual submarine used
  • Lotus Esprit Turbo white - For Your Eyes Only - The actual car used in the film
  • Lotus Esprit Turbo copper - For Your Eyes Only - The actual car used in the film
  • Scaramanga's car - The Man With The Golden Gun - The actual car used in the film
  • Mustang from Diamonds Are Forever - The actual two wheel stunt car
  • General Ourumov's Volga from GoldenEye - The actual car used in the film
  • Renault Taxi from A View To A Kill - The actual car used in the film
  • Tuk Tuk taxi - Both goodies and baddies from Octopussy - The actual vehicles used in the film
  • Dragon tank - Dr No - a recreation for a major Bond event
  • Mini Bede jet - Octopussy - From the Ian Fleming Foundation
  • Skiddoo - Die Another Day - The actual vehicle from the film
  • Parahawk - The World Is Not Enough - The actual vehicle from the film
  • Jet Pack - Thunderball with a figure of Sean Connery. Especially built for a major show but some original parts included
  • Toyota 2000 GT - You Only Live Twice - Thought to be one of only two/three in the world - with the original control panel from the film fitted
  • Q Boat - The World Is Not Enough - The actual car/boat used in the film
  • Fairey Huntress - From Russia With Love - The actual boat used in the film
  • BMW Motorcycle - Tomorrow Never Dies - Both bikes including Pierre Goys own bike.
  • Cagiva - GoldenEye - The actual bike used in the film
  • Rocket firing Motorcycle from Thunderball - The actual one used in the film
  • The Spy Who Loved Me bike with exploding side car - The actual one used in the film
  • Space Shuttle - Model - The actual one used in the film Moonraker
  • The Hovercraft from Die Another Day - The actual one used in the film
  • The Glastron Speedboat from Live And Let Die - The actual one used in the film - the gold boat that Bond drives through wedding party
  • Various other show/promotional items and vehicles. Including the red Glastron GT150 boat (claimed to be original but no docs!) Small Mig fighter from GoldenEye. Citroen 2cv display - model and full size.
  • The Spy Who Loved Me Pinewood Reunion Wetbike
  • The actual Landrover from Casino Royale
  • Little Nel. Second cousin twice removed of Little Nellie Exhibition autogyro
  • The 'Pinewood' The Spy Who Loved Me Stromberg Black 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter
  • BMW 750iL Tomorrow Never Dies - with the actual blue screen Ericcson telephone
  • Triumph Stag used by Sean in Diamonds are Forever
  • Tank from GoldeneEye model - The actual one used in the film
  • The actual Beach Buggy used in the film For Your Eyes Only
  • The actual Russian T55 main battle tank from GoldenEye


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