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James Bond Box Office Totals

James Bond Box Office


Here are the top grossing James Bond Movies and Actors of all time. Gross revenues are inflation adjusted to 2011 values (See methodology).

Number of Films23
Total Gross Revenue$13,821,621,224
Average Gross Per Film$600,940,053
Average Yearly Gross For the Series$260,785,306
Average Daily Gross For the Series$714,480
Average Per-Minute Gross$496.17
Average Per-Second Gross$8.27

Skyfall Box Office

Skyfall had a fantastic opening weekend of over $77 million, helped by the fact that it was the first ever James Bond film to be released in IMAX. The Skyfall numbers below are up to date as of June 2014.

Highest Grossing Bond Films

PositionFilmYearActorGross (with inflation)
1.Skyfall2012Daniel Craig$1,108,561,008
2.Thunderball1965Sean Connery$1,014,941,117
3.Goldfinger1964Sean Connery$912,257,512
4.Live and Let Die1973Roger Moore$825,110,761
5.You Only Live Twice1967Sean Connery$756,544,419
6.The Spy Who Loved Me1977Roger Moore$692,713,752
7.Casino Royale2006Daniel Craig$669,789,482
8.Moonraker1979Roger Moore$655,872,400
9.Diamonds Are Forever1971Sean Connery$648,514,469
10.Quantum of Solace2008Daniel Craig$622,246,378
11.From Russia with Love1963Sean Connery$576,277,964
12.Die Another Day2002Pierce Brosnan$543,639,638
13.Goldeneye1995Pierce Brosnan$529,548,711
14.On Her Majesty's Secret Service1969George Lazenby$505,899,782
15.The World is Not Enough1999Pierce Brosnan$491,617,153
16.For Your Eyes Only1981Roger Moore$486,468,881
17.Tomorrow Never Dies1997Pierce Brosnan$478,946,402
18.The Man with the Golden Gun1974Roger Moore$448,249,281
19.Dr. No1962Sean Connery$440,759,072
20.Octopussy1983Roger Moore$426,244,352
21.The Living Daylights1987Timothy Dalton$381,088,866
22.A View to a Kill1985Roger Moore$321,172,633
23.Licence to Kill1989Timothy Dalton$285,157,191

Highest Grossing Actors (Total)

After the fantastic success of Skyfall, this is the only list in which Sean Connery remains at the top. Daniel Craig will likely need at least three more successful Bond films to fly to the top. But will he stay around for that long?

PositionActorGross (with inflation)
1.Sean Connery$4,349,294,553
2.Roger Moore$3,855,832,060
3.Daniel Craig$2,400,596,868
4.Pierce Brosnan$2,043,751,904
5.Timothy Dalton$666,246,057
6.George Lazenby$505,899,782

Highest Grossing Actors Per Film

Skyfall helped Daniel Craig soar to the top of this list, surpassing Sean Connery by a fair amount. However, do note that Connery was somewhat disadvantaged by the first James Bond film Dr. No, because there was no pre-existing fan base. Skyfall had the advantage of 50 years of devoted fans, many buying tickets to see the film.

PositionActorNumber of FilmsAverage gross per film (with inflation)
1.Daniel Craig3$800,198,956
2.Sean Connery6$724,882,426
3.Roger Moore7$550,833,151
4.Pierce Brosnan4$510,937,976
5.George Lazenby1$505,899,782
6.Timothy Dalton2$333,123,029


Except for Skyfall, unadjusted worldwide gross values are sourced from The Numbers, who we believe to be the most reliable and complete source of data available. We have then adjusted the grosses to 2011 values using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the US Department of Labor. Non-Skyfall data is up to date as of December 14th, 2011.

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